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Application Summary Report

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Application Summary ReportA benefit of submitting an application to the ERG & Council Honors Award Application is that each group that submits an application receives a personalized Application Summary Report and an opportunity to have their report reviewed with them by a member of the AEC.

The Application Summary Report (ASR) is based upon your responses and provides a snapshot of your group's impact upon the organization it serves at a specific time which is compared and contrasted to other participating groups. The goal of the ASR is to enable you to better understand what you are doing well and what you can do to continue to improve your group's impact on organizational diversity and inclusion. Although based upon our assessment technology, the ASR should not be considered as a substitute for a more exhaustive assessment like our ERG 10 Point Assessment™ or the Diversity Council 10 Point Checkup™ which examines 70 indicators in 10 critical focus areas.

The ASR is divided into two sections:

  • Application's Results & Review provides a summary of the Application Profile and Application Focus and Sub Measures Sections..
  • Your Application Results & Review presents Your Application Response Comparative Results Dashboard that displays your group's score for all 4 focus and 10 sub measure areas along with a comparison to the median of the Top 10 and Top 25 recipients as well as all applicants. Your Post Application Checklist offers an opportunity to dive deeper into your application for the purpose of increasing performance and impact..

Organizations that receive their ASR report saythat it is the catalyst for many invaluable discussions that assist in transitioning to increased levels of effectiveness and performance. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions or comments you may have regarding your Application Summary Report.

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