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Below is a small sample of what is available to our members.

How to Get Audiences to Listen to Your ERG Presentations

Joe Santana shares his tips for capturing and keeping audience attention.

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Disrupting the "I don't see color" narrative

Nneka Greene breaks down the "I don't see color" response often used by those who don't fully consider the reprecussions of their actions or commentary.

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ERGs Are the Engine For Developing Leaders At Every Level of Your Company

Joe Santana identifies ERGs as a valuable resource for leadership candidates.

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The Need for ERG and Diversity Council Succession Planning: Where Do You Begin?

Fernando Serpa explains the importance of succession planning for ERGs &; Diversity Councils.

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LGBTQ PRIDE 2017: A Changing Landscape

Fernando Serpa explores the changing landscape of the LGBTQ community, both domestically and internationally.

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Black History Month - A few thoughts

Michael Fosbeg shares his perspective on Black History Month, from its inception to the current status of race relations in recent history.

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Tips for Allies of Transgender People

Tips that can be used as you move toward becoming a better ally to transgender people. Of course, this list is not exhaustive and cannot include all the "right" things to do or say - because often there is no one "right" answer to every situation you might encounter.

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FedEx Freight Delivers with Middle Management Commitment

This FedEx Freight story provides a great example of best practice initiatives in the area of middle management involvement. FedEx Freight has been among the top 25 best practice organizations in our Diversity Council Honors Award Application for several years and the story keeps getting better.

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The CDO of the Future

Diversity Executive

Linda Stokes, President and CEO of PRISM International, Inc., and Michael Wheeler, Chief Diversity Officer for media services company OmnicomMediaGroup, co-authored an article about the changing nature of the goals and objectives of the Chief Diversity Officer. This article highlights current trends and changes in the CDO role. The article features insights and input from multiple business leaders from top companies, including: CVS Caremark, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co., Hormel Foods Corp, and more.

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Case Study: Cox Media Group Diversity Council Summit

Cox Media Group created a strategic consulting partnership with PRISM International, Inc. to help move their D&I process to the next level. PRISM was asked to develop and deliver training and strategic planning opportunities for Council members at a Diversity and Inclusion Summit for the Business Team Diversity and Inclusion Councils.

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Case Study: Global Manufacturer - Help save our Billion Dollar Account!

Our European manufacturing client had a large contract with a significant U.S. customer which was not going well. Our client related, "We cannot continue to operate in a crisis mode every week". Our client's customer was not happy with deliverables, interactions and project management.

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Case Study: Global Manufacturer - Our Cultural and Language differences are dividing our Division!

Our global manufacturing client was experiencing cultural, class and language issues in one of its manufacturing divisions. The plant's production schedule, quality goals and return rate goals were in decline. Morale and engagement were suffering due to stress and recent plant closings.

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