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Answering Tough Questions

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In your role as an ERG or Diversity council member, you are likely to be asked to explain various aspects of diversity and inclusion. Questions about diversity may be asked of you when you're in meetings, in the break room, in the cafeteria, or when you're walking down the hall. The Association's Tough Questions are sure to enhance your skills and confidence in responding to diversity and inclusion questions. This page will help prepare you to articulate meaningful answers to expected or unexpected questions.

Below is a sample question and see more, become a member.

When it comes to inclusion, how do you foster a work environment where people with different backgrounds feel valued for their differences?

Many employers struggle to foster inclusion. A recent Deloitte study found that 71 percent of organizations said they aspire to an inclusive culture, but only 12 percent said that they've achieved this goal.

The problem arises when organizations think of achieving a diverse workforce as the goal. In fact, it's just the first step.

An inclusive workplace is that working environment that values the individual and group differences within its work force. It enables a company to embrace the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives of the employees, which in turn increases their talent, innovation, creativity and contributions...

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