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American Airlines Takes Flight with Honors Award Recognition

by Anila Javanji, Senior Specialist Diversity Strategies at American Airlines , Inc.

Hispanic Heritage MonthWe are extremely proud to have been honored over the years as one of the top 25 recipients of the Diversity Council Honors Awards since the awards' inception in 2008. Being a Top 10 recipient adds additional excitement and pressure. We do not take this honor lightly and fully understand that we must continue to push the envelope in order to remain among the best of the best.

That is one of the clear outcomes of participating in this application process. We are being evaluated among other great companies and organizations, of all sizes, across all industries, to identify true, best practices. Each year gets more and more competitive and the bar continues to be raised. Knowing this, our diversity advisory council and EBRGs continue to improve our work towards engaging team members, supporting the communities where we live and work and impacting business outcomes.

Our resource group history began in 1994 and while we'd love to say it was created nobly as the right thing to do, in actuality, it was born out of the outcome of implicit bias in the workplace and an opportunity to improve our customer experience. Team members set out to bridge a gap between our company leaders and the LGBTQ community. Pride (formerly GLEAAM) became our first EBRG, demonstrating the power and impact team members can have when they come together to educate and advocate. This was then followed by the Christian EBRG. We are very proud to say that we have 3 faith based EBRGs. In total we now have 20 vibrant successful EBRGs.

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