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In an on-going effort to help councils work smarter, we offer periodic focus topics. You will find related resources linked to this topic to create a strategic learning experience. Available to members only.

How ERGs can provide a space for political dialogue in the Post-Truth Era

Identifying the Link between ERGs and 'The Bottom Line'

ERGs: The Roots Remain the Same

"Outing Incivility in the Workplace"

Thriving or Surviving? What can your ERG or Council do to increase your impact and effectiveness?

The Final Word on the Business Case

Let's Talk About Religion

Women leaders = Smarter decisions + higher profits (here's the proof)

Using your Top Executives as Diversity and Inclusion Communicators

Celebrating Women - Is Once a Year Enough?

Is Diversity & Inclusion Still Relevant in 2015?

Public and Private Sector ERGs & Diversity Councils as GLBTA Advocates

It's Time to Talk About The Unspeakable

Promote Justice Everywhere: Three Immediate Actions

Metrics Matter

How Different Are Millennials From You When You Were Young?

Increasing Your Impact Through Innovation

Diversity is Still Alive and Well - Making the Business Case

How Can We Challenge Our ERGs & Diversity Councils To Higher Levels of Impact?

Can You Revive Your Diversity Efforts Before They Need Life Support?

Four Keys to Being A More Impactful Leader

Awakening to the Power of Diversity

In Search of Authentic Leadership

So Is There A War On Women?

Are We In The Twilight Zone?

Towards a Kinder, More Caring America

Preparing the Next Generation of Thought Leaders: Beyond Watching & Waiting

All Women Are Important-Is Science the Answer?

The Learning Tree: What Trayvon Martin's Death Teaches Us

Opportunity for "Lin-sight"

Are Your Stories Inclusive?

Make Your Resolutions a Plan for Renewal

An Inclusive Environment Sustains True Employee Engagement: The Bottom Line

What Makes Diversity Councils More Strategic?

Revitalizing Your Diversity Council

Fall Council Work Plan Review

That is Not True!

Help is Closer Than We Think

Everyday Lessons in our own Backyard

Not on Our Watch

Breaking the Frustrating Council Cycle

Embrace Your Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Role

Congratulations! You're the New Diversity Manager...Now What?

Responding to External Events in the Workplace

Diversity Council Membership: Conquering the Struggle

Working Across Generations

Micro-Messages: The Power of Small

Leveraging Diversity in "Not-So-Diverse" Environments

Workplace Humor - The Fine Line

Balancing Work and Council Commitment

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