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Internal Diversity Meetings, Summits, Special Events, & Programs

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Are you planning an upcoming Diversity & Inclusion Summit or Special Diversity Kick-off or Event and need a special activity, workshop or presentation?

Do you want to add a specialized Diversity and Inclusion or Talent Management component to your sales team or leadership meetings?

Would you like to keep the Diversity & Inclusion conversation moving through the organization?

Utilizing PRISM’s facilitators and engaging special events, celebrations, programs and presentations ensures you can keep the conversation going while leveraging previous learning.

Designed to be completed between two and three hours, Special Event Topics can be delivered to 10 to 300 participants in one session.

Women in Leadership - Growing Your Career™

This fast-paced, highly-interactive session explores situations women face in today’s workplace while inspiring them to reach higher levels of personal effectiveness, growth and development. Specific concrete strategies for continued professional growth and development are provided along with next step action planning.
Your high potential women leaders will:

  • Discuss 3 strategies for success amid challenges and opportunities in today’s workplace
  • Explore 10 things you can do every day to build your career, personal value and leverage your differences
  • Gain techniques for partnering across gender differences and supporting other women in attaining their career goals

Leveraging your Multicultural Skills and Competencies to Grow Your Career™

This action packed, interactive and thought provoking session will enable participants to discover how they can utilize their unique cultural skills, perspectives and languages to empower themselves, increase their leadership capability and transition to higher levels of sustained excellence in revitalizing their personal and professional goals to meet organizational needs.
Specifically, your organization’s high potential leaders will:

  • Learn to position and leverage their talents, skills and backgrounds to grow their career and help meet business objectives
  • Lean ways to network with others to grow their professional contacts
  • Gain tips for creating a personal Board of Directors for coaching, mentoring and guidance

Personality and Work Style Dynamics

Have you ever wondered why connecting with some people is easier for you than others? PRISM’s Personality and Work Style Dynamics sessions employ well known assessment tools including questionnaires designed to measure preferences in work style and behaviors. Employees will develop skills for understanding their strengths, areas of opportunities and ways to assess and access the strengths of other styles to fit the situation and the goal.

Exploring Dimensions of Diversity™ Series

PRISM’s Exploring Dimensions of Diversity™ Series include several carefully constructed topical conversations and experiences to deepen the diversity and inclusion dialogue by enabling participants to learn more about various dimensions of diversity.

Gender Olympics

Working together to leverage styles, approaches, and perspectives is critical to achieving business results in our workplace and marketplace. Learn how to abandon the battle of the sexes, focus on a cohesive team-based approach and capture the energy of differences and similarities in order to channel the power of working together for both individual and organizational results. More details can be found here.

Serving Customers Across Cultures and Languages

Serving customers from around the world challenges us to be especially aware of their needs and the impact of our own behavior on the customer service interaction. PRISM’s multicultural customer service approach builds on your organization’s foundation of exceptional customer service by putting new tools in your customer service toolbox. More details can be found here.

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