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Consulting Solutions Center (CSC)

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The Consulting Solutions Center (CSC) provides organizations with the tools, expertise, methodology and professional assistance that positions ERGs and Diversity Councils to be more effective. Effectiveness means that they are equipped to be an expert resource in executing the diversity and inclusion strategy as a viable aspect of the business strategy.

These interventions provide expert consulting, organizational effectiveness, coaching and training to ERG and Council leaders and members. Senior leaders, HR leaders and Chief Diversity Officers also find us as a viable resource to facilitate efforts, solve problems, handle crises interventions and provide coaching regarding ERG and Council issues.

Here is an example of some of the areas where we can be helpful:

  • Strategizing with councils at peak performance on Next Practice actions
  • Increasing the efficacy of measurement and monitoring systems
  • Developing specific actions to increase senior management and middle management support and involvement
  • Conducting qualitative research (focus groups and interviews) to substantiate and validate interventions based on climate,opinion or engagement surveys
  • Providing executive coaching to senior leaders, HR or CDO's on increasing council and network group effectiveness
  • Conflict management interventions to resolve organization wide or specific diversity related disputes
  • Developing strategies to transition to a global ERG and diversity council

This list is not exhaustive but gives you a feel for the range of issues and the complexity that we are equipped to handle.

Available to All ERGs & Councils

The Councils Counsulting Solutions Center (CSC) is available to all (not just members). Contact us to learn more.


"I had no idea how empowering this would be. I have so many ideas I am going to take back to my call center. I am excited to start my folks down a new path that can help everyoneā€¯

- Attendee, Verizon Wireless.

"The Association has been a great asset and partner of Baystate Health. The Office of Diversity & Inclusion as well as the Diversity Council members have taken advantage of the webinars, consultancy services and benchmarking tools (10 Point Checkup). The information and services have been extremely valuable in helping us to strategically assess, align and implement our Diversity & Inclusion efforts within the system. We are extremely satisfied with the partnership and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for guidance and support."

- Baystate Health

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